3 Reasons Vassell should continue coming off the bench for Spurs

Devin Vassell
Devin Vassell / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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1) Benching Vassell could allow Tre Jones to start

Moving Vassell to the bench would give the Spurs a chance to finally try out Tre Jones in the starting lineup. While Jones likely would still have to share the ball with Sochan, he'd at least get to spend most of his minutes playing with Wembanyama, and he has been the best player at getting him the ball so far. The Spurs playing faster would hopefully offset losing Vassell's firepower in the starting lineup, with Jones looking to get the team out in transition and getting Wembanyama easier shots.

Less focus on shot creation could also help Sochan on the defensive end and help the starting five as a whole improve on that end. After the first five minutes of each half, the Spurs could sub out Wembanyama and sub in Vassell, with Vassell being able to come in and bomb away.

He is known for taking and making tough shots and playing against the opposing team's second unit should help him quickly get going. Better shots for the starters and Vassell coming in and providing an offensive spark as opposing starters head to the bench could justify a permanent change.