3 reasons to drop the outrageous Jeremy Sochan slander

Jeremy Sochan has been one of the most polarizing players on the San Antonio Spurs roster this season, but is the criticism misguided?
Marcus Smart, Jeremy Sochan
Marcus Smart, Jeremy Sochan / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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1. He is only 20 years old

Jeremy Sochan was asked to perform a role he had no experience in during his sophomore season, playing with a disjointed young team trying to integrate a species of player never seen before in the NBA. It's already not easy to play in the NBA when you're just trying to figure out the nuances of professional basketball from your natural position. Consider what was asked of him, and if anything, blame the coaching staff for putting him in that situation.

It would be difficult to find many 20-year-old players who have ever been finished products. He is not even close to his potential, but he has already shown so many special traits fans should be elated to have on the team.

The improved three-point shot shows he has a very strong work ethic. His one-handed free-throw form is proof he does not have an ego. Most players would be embarrassed to attempt the one-handed free throw, but the only thing Sochan cares about is improving, and it's been working for him, so he continues to do it.

Lastly, fans should respect his willingness to try Coach Pop's point guard experiment. It was clear that he was uncomfortable in the role, but he trusted his coaches when they asked him to play through the disarray. That is a selfless and coachable player. Spurs fans should be thrilled to have Jeremy Sochan. Give him time to grow and based on what he's shown already, he'll repay your patience ten-fold.