3 Reasons Spurs fans should be pumped for the NBA In-Season Tournament

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors
San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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The 2023-24 NBA season has just begun, and Spurs fans everywhere are excited to see what this team can do this season after spending four years watching them tread water near the bottom of the league standings. San Antonio might not be ready to capture a championship right now, but they are well-equipped to be competitive every night.

While the young core is still learning the fundamentals of the game, there are still several reasons for the Silver and Black faithful to look forward to this season, including the inaugural In-Season Tournament. This brand-new event will allow them to test their mettle in a high-stakes setting and take the next step in their rebuild.

1.) The potential to compete for meaningful hardware

While many basketball fans view the introduction of the NBA In-Season Tournament as a meaningless wrinkle with the sole purpose of making the league more money, it could become a helpful stepping stone for rebuilding organizations. This mid-schedule extravaganza features a group stage in a World Cup format, with the two best teams from each group advancing into the knockout rounds. After that, a single loss sends you packing your bags on a one-way trip back home.

If San Antonio makes it to the knockout phase after facing some of the best teams in the West, they could make a surprise for the NBA Cup, especially since anything can happen in a single-elimination format. Victor Wembanyama has expressed his eagerness to compete for glory as soon as possible, and while he understands championship success takes time, this tournament could offer him and his young teammates a taste of what it feels like to fight for something noteworthy.