3 Reasons Adam Silver should fix the Draft Lottery for the Spurs

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Division representation lacking class

Dillon Brooks, Kyrie Irving
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The NBA lacks a certain amount of focus on divisional importance to fans compared to the NFL, but it still matters. The Southwest division severely lacks a respectable playoff representative, and it is time to change that. The Mavericks and Grizzlies had several chances over the last few years to make their marks, and this season ended in embarrassment for both franchises. 

Spurs fans have been patient enough after four seasons without a playoff appearance, and this small-market team needs their swagger back. The class-personified culture of the organization has been apparent for decades. This structure has led to 5 championships, more than any other small-market team, proving success is attainable without a name like Los Angeles or Boston on your jersey.

Every other division in the league has one or more playoff teams that command respect. Nobody looks at the Celtics and 76ers (Atlantic), the Heat (Southeast), the Bucks and Bulls (Central), the Nuggets (Northwest), or the Warriors and Lakers (Pacific) as laughable franchises. The Southwest division cannot boast the same, and this is unacceptable. The time for Adam Silver to greenlight some sleight of hand manipulation is upon us. As Bruce Buffer would say, "IT'S TIME!" 

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