3 Questions the stunning Spurs-Dejounte interest rumor immediately raises

A recent report from Shams Charania has lit the San Antonio Spurs community ablaze with trade speculation on the return of one dynamic player.
Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray
Gregg Popovich, Dejounte Murray / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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The NBA resets from zero days without being dramatic to zero days without being dramatic. Yesterday's drama was around Draymond Green and the revelation he considered retiring (not sure about that one), and today, reports from Shams Charania indicate the San Antonio Spurs are potentially interested in a reunion with their 2016 first-round pick, Dejounte Murray.

Despite the way the relationship ended the first time, DJ should be considered a Spurs success story. He was the 29th pick in that draft and turned himself into one of the best defenders on the perimeter in the NBA.

He developed his jumper into a true threat, and his ability to operate out of the pick-and-roll is elite. San Antonio personnel pride themselves on being thorough and operating with intelligence, not feelings, but questions about what a potential reunion looks like need to be answered.

3. What would the Spurs have to give up?

Fans have been consistent in their interest in gathering picks in any potential deals San Antonio made, but this is the other side of the coin. Part of the reason for gathering the abundance of picks the Spurs have is also about dealing them for the right player. It is difficult to hit on pick after pick in the NBA draft. That said, Atlanta may ask for a couple of firsts, including the return of the 2025 pick they gave San Antonio in the first Dejounte deal.

Some players have the hype but flame out, some introduce you to their representative while housing a different person underneath, injuries occur, etc. There are a million reasons a draft pick does not work out, so when you can bring in an established player, you do it, as long as it makes sense.

Any deal for Dejounte Murray would most likely start with Keldon Johnson. Atlanta would probably hang up the phone if the Spurs tried to play games by not including KJ. The Hawks reportedly want to keep Trae Young, meaning they want to retool, not rebuild, so Johnson will need to be partnered with some combination of Cedi Osman, Doug McDermott, Julian Champagnie, or even Dominick Barlow. If a deal gets done, be prepared to say goodbye to a couple of fan favorites for the greater good.