3 potentially available veteran wings the Spurs should consider

The San Antonio Spurs should attempt to acquire one of these three veteran wings to improve their roster before the 2024-2025 season.
Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs
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2.) Paul George

Like everyone’s favorite villain, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George is a Southern California guy. He grew up in Palmdale, went to Fresno St., and has spent the last five seasons in LA with the other team, the Clippers. It’ll be hard to pry him away from that area.

George is a free agent, and he’s 34 years old. He’s got a lot of tread on his tires, but his reputation speaks for itself. He’s played in nine all-star games, is a six-time All-NBA player and a four-time all-defensive team member.

After initially entering the league as a shooting guard, George reportedly grew two more inches to get to 6’10” early in his Indiana tenure. With that, George gained even more versatility as a wing player. He can play shooting guard, small forward, and power forward and is effective in each role. His ability to spread the floor can help create isolation opportunities for Wembanyama and others.

The difference between George and Thompson is that George is thought of as a better defender than Thompson. George is a four-time all-defensive selection (as stated) and led the NBA in steals in 2018-19 with 2.2 per game. His defensive prowess plays into the type of game the Spurs wish to display.

George’s overall game would be an asset to the Spurs, and they should consider signing him. Although he’s 34 years old, the current-day professional athlete has access to technology, training, and nutrition that the athlete of 15 years ago didn’t have, and in turn, has a longer career. George has at least a few good years left in the tank, and with this young core growing as he’s finishing, the Spurs will be blossoming.

The Spurs make shrewd moves geared towards both the now and the future. Signing George to a short-term deal would align with that strategy.