3 potentially available veteran wings the Spurs should consider

The San Antonio Spurs should attempt to acquire one of these three veteran wings to improve their roster before the 2024-2025 season.
Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs
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The Spurs are on track for sustained success. They’ve got the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year in Victor Wembanyama, a quality young core of players like Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan and Keldon Johnson, and hold two of the top eight picks in this year’s NBA draft.

With a gluttony of selections this year and beyond, the Spurs’ culture, and the front office vision to back it all, the Spurs can be the epicenter of the NBA universe again this offseason, as they were last season by obtaining the first overall pick in the draft.

With all those positives, several high-end players will likely have an interest in donning silver and black next season. It’s nice to have suitors instead of having to court players and the Spurs should take advantage of this perk by considering these three veteran wings.

3.) Klay Thompson

The 34-year-old wing is slowing down—shooting under 40% from three-point range this year for only the second time in his career—but he still has plenty to offer the Spurs. The 6’6” five-time NBA all-star has battled injuries over the last few years and would likely come at a discount to San Antonio for that reason. His winning pedigree—he’s won four NBA championships as half of the Splash Bros. with Steph Curry—can guide the young Spurs and teach them how to win.

Aside from intangibles, Thompson’s ability to make a three, even a perceived ability at this point in his career if that’s the case, spaces the floor for Victor Wembanyama and others. It also fits what the Spurs like to do offensively.

Thompson wouldn’t need to play a starring role in San Antonio either. This lack of toll on his body will help him to be more effective as the grind of an NBA season takes its toll on the 34-year-old. With limited minutes per game, Thompson can provide a jolt off the bench for the second unit and has the poise and experience to fill an extended role for the Spurs or in crunch-time situations when they need that calming presence.

As a free agent, the Spurs would not have to part with any assets to sign Thompson, and in turn, they wouldn’t stunt any potential future franchise growth either. It’s likely a win-win situation for the team if they can sign Thompson in the right role.