3 overlooked reasons the Spurs must close Trae Young deal

There have been arguments made left and right about why the San Antonio Spurs should or should not trade for Trae Young, but here are a few things that were missed.

Trae Young
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1. The Trae Young + Victor Wembanyama pairing can get the Spurs back in the playoffs next season

Victor Wembanyama is ahead of schedule. The numbers he is putting up have him in rare company, as he seems to break records on a nightly basis. He is going to be ready to compete sooner than many expect. The Spurs would be smart to add an established player like Trae Young for reasons outside what has already been argued.

The common position for supporters of the move is Ice Trae's ability to navigate the pick-and-roll with Wemby and his deep shooting ability. Despite detractors who claim he shoots too much, his 37% from three would be a welcome addition to the point guard position. Though those are great reasons, there is another reason to consider: Trae Young is a dog.

The 25-year-old sniper has been in big-time playoff matchups and did not shy away from the moment. In fact, he stepped into the light and led his team to an Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

This is the same player who steps into enemy territories with confidence, drilling game-winning daggers and quieting hostile crowds. Victor has already shown he has a strong competitive edge. Getting him a partner who shares a similarly aggressive mentality would do wonders for the team dynamic.