3 Guards the Spurs should trade up for in the 2023 NBA Draft

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3. Ausar Thompson

While his twin brother Amen is the more popular in most draft circles, no one should overlook Ausar Thompson. He is insanely athletic, with flashes of smothering defense and connective passing that could eventually make him a star in this league.

While he didn't get as much run at the point guard as his brother during their time with Overtime Elite, the playmaking is a key reason the Spurs should consider Ausar a trade-up target. His court vision is astounding at times, and it could really pop with San Antonio if put in the right position.

What makes Thompson stand out from the rest of the field is his freakish athleticism, and it might be enough to make him a lottery pick. He is a 99th percentile kind of athlete, with unbelievable burst and hops. These tools also elevate him on the defensive end, making life difficult for his matchups.

His feel for the game is a standout trait, and he could easily be an impact player early in his career if placed in an idea role. While he's probably not ready to handle starting point guard duties right away, it's not too far off to think he could thrive in that role as he develops.