3 Guards the Spurs should trade up for in the 2023 NBA Draft

Kentucky v Kansas State
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2. Cason Wallace

If you thought Anthony Black was an remarkable defender, then you haven't seen Cason Wallace. The Kentucky product made a splash during his freshman year, showcasing elite defensive ability with the makings of a potential two-way threat.

While only standing 6-foot-3, he doesn't let his size limit him. Wallace is heralded as one of the best perimeter defenders in this class, and the tape speaks for itself. He is constantly creating chaos for opponents in the passing lanes, racking up steals and deflections to disrupt the offense. Many draft experts expect him to have an immediate impact on that side of the ball once he hits the court.

Wallace is no slouch on the offensive end either. While not as polished of a playmaker as Black, there are still flashes of high-level passing upside. He is also a much better three-point shooter at this point of his career. His ability to finish around the rim is also impressive, which adds to his total package.

His offense will need some work, but defense is where he'll earn his paycheck. The idea of pairing him with Wembanyama and Jeremy Sochan could be a dream come true for the defensive-minded Gregg Popovich.