3 Guards the Spurs should trade up for in the 2023 NBA Draft

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The Spurs have reportedly been looking to trade for another lottery pick to address their point guard situation since May. Though San Antonio will likely look to re-sign restricted free agent Tre Jones this offseason, they might have their eyes on some lottery talent outside of their number one overall pick.

There is far from a dearth of talent within the 2023 NBA Draft class, and there are multiple prospects that could give the Spurs a long-term solution at point guard. There are several young floor generals that are realistic targets for San Antonio, but which ball-handlers make the most sense for this team?

1. Anthony Black

Anthony Black might be the best point guard prospect in this draft outside of Scoot Henderson. The 6-foot-7 playmaker has plus size, stunning speed, and impressive court vision that could make him a day one starter for San Antonio.

The 19-year-old a great facilitator who could easily run the Spurs offense and set up guys like Victor Wembanyama and Devin Vassell. His passing ability is one of the most enticing aspects of his game, and it could elevate the Spurs offense in a special way.

Don't worry about the defensive side of the ball, because Black is extremely versatile. That 6-foot-7 frame allows him to handle a wider range of matchups. His length helps him block shots and disrupt opponents in the pick-and-roll, and he is one of the best defenders in this draft.

The two major question marks surrounding Black are his range and self creation. He only shot 30.1% from three, but was a passable 45.3% from the field. Though he can generate offense for teammates with his passing and rim pressure, his shooting will be the swing skill that takes him from rock-solid to a tier above the rest of the NBA.

Flaws aside, Black is the primary target for a handful of teams looking for a longterm answer at point guard, and he could be the perfect selection for the Spurs.