3 French players the Spurs should pursue to make Wembanyama feel at home

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3: Killian Hayes

Hayes might be more difficult for the Spurs to acquire, especially considering he was a top-10 pick in one of the more recent drafts. Former first-rounders with untapped upside are rarely available on the trade market, and it is even more diffucult to find one who is still on their rookie contract.

With that said, San Antonio has plenty of draft capital to make a deal happen, especially with a team like Detroit that is in the beginning stages of a comprehensive rebuild.

Born in Florida but raised in France, Hayes is only 21 years old. That makes him a contemporary of Wembanyama and Cissoko, and that familiarity will give that trio time to grow together.

Despite his age, Hayes has 168 games worth of NBA experience and he can advise Wembanyama on the intricacies he may face at the next level. He also plays point guard, which is a position of need for San Antonio. If the front office follows the Nuggets' blueprint to success, they could have their center (Wembanyama), wing (Sochan) and point guard (Hayes) of the future in place.

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