3 Critical takeaways after Spurs' demoralizing blowout loss to upstart Pacers

Victor Wembanyama
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The offense has not found Wemby's sweet spot

Victor Wembanyama is still trying to find his way. The world marvels at his unbelievable height and length, watching in wonderment when he moves as smoothly as he does with his slender build. The Spurs are still working on unlocking how to help this unique NBA 2K create-a-player thrive most consistently. Teams are crowding him and getting physical in the paint, and that deserves to be acknowledged, but that does not seem to be their main obstacle to getting Wemby the ball.

There is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde nature to the pace of the offense. At times, the ball handler will come down and take a quick shot before the team has time to get into their action and find the best look. Other times, things move too slowly in the half-court, and the window to strike closes before the would-be passer throws the ball, leading to turnovers, chaos, and a disjointed attack.

Wembanyama may be young, but he is still the most obvious advantage the Spurs have on the floor. There are too many times San Antonio will have extended stretches without involving the French phenom. That is a relief for the defense, but his teammates must find a way to put him in advantageous positions and let him orchestrate as a scorer and playmaker. He has the skills to elevate everyone around him, and the Silver and Black would be wise to nourish that part of his game.