3 Critical areas where the San Antonio Spurs must improve this season

San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers
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3.) Run the offense through Victor in the fourth quarter

The Spurs have averaged 20.4 field goal attempts in the fourth quarter this season. Wembanyama has only accounted for 3.9 of those shots, and San Antonio should prioritize playing through their star, especially during late-game situations. The French phenom has gone an outstanding 70.4% from the field in the final. While developing their young supporting cast requires reps and patience, building around a true franchise centerpiece should be the top priority for this organization.

Despite what some people might tell you about his teammates, they are not intentionally ignoring Wembanyama. The real issue is that most of them have never suited up alongside a player of his caliber. It will take some time for them to get used to feeding someone who stands 7-foot-3 and can score from virtually anywhere on the court. Figuring out when, where, and how to find your superstar in late-game situations and doing the little things to get him open are the next steps for this club.

The corrections the Spurs must make are definitely achievable. However, as the youngest team in the league, it is only natural for San Antonio to experience challenges and growing pains. Though the arrival of Wembanyama makes this one of the most exciting seasons in franchise history, fans should still be realistic about their ceiling. It is perfectly fine to acknowledge these shortcomings while keeping your fingers crossed that they will make the necessary adjustments to improve.