3 Critical areas where the San Antonio Spurs must improve this season

San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers
San Antonio Spurs v Indiana Pacers / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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2.) Stop allowing so many wide-open three-pointers

Opponents facing the Spurs have routinely exploited the miscommunication between their perimeter defenders on screens and switching actions, leading to a high volume of uncontested threes. In the modern NBA, this can be particularly devastating. San Antonio has allowed the highest number of open three-point attempts this season, and teams are shooting an impressive 40.9% from beyond the arc when they face this inexperienced squad.

Devin Vassell and Wembanyama are exceptional defenders who can expertly navigate screens and contest long-distance jumpers. For the Spurs to avoid having a lackluster defense that ranks at the bottom of the league, their entire roster must focus on improving their screen navigation to contest shots more effectively. This area is critical to shoring up their defense, and it can make a significant difference in their overall performance.