3 Creative lineups the Spurs should roll out around Wembanyama

San Antonio Spurs v New York Knicks
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1.) Wembanyama, Vassell, Johnson, Osman, Collins

The Spurs have experimented with unorthodox point guards, trotting out Sochan at the one to start the season. Why not give Wemby a whirl? The 7-foot-3 rookie would be the ultimate mismatch nightmare for opposing floor generals. Think Magic Johnson on steroids. His towering height lets him survey the entire court unencumbered, and he can see plays develop that traditional ballhandlers can't.

Wembanyama has impressive handles for a seven-footer, and he routinely brings the ball up the floor for the Spurs in transition. While he may not be comfortable playing point guard every possession, Sochan has expressed the same trepidation and done well. There is no reason to believe he can’t find similar success.

The French phenom is a natural playmaker with an innate ability to find an open man, making passes most players would not dream of attempting. It helps that he has a massive wingspan that can contort into unimaginable positions, opening insane angles for him to deliver precise assists.

This lineup optimizes the modern philosophies of the NBA. It includes capable passers like Vassell and Sochan, versatile shooters like Osman and Johnson, and Collins adds some much-needed back-to-the-basket scoring and grit at the five. Sochan and Collins would likely attract taller defenders, which could turn into potential mismatches for Wembanyama in a half-court setting.

Though asking Wembanyama to shoulder point guard duties is a bold and creative strategy, it could open up the spacing for other players and help the Spurs be more efficient on both ends, hopefully leading to more victories.