3 creative lineups the Spurs should experiment with this season

Zach Collins, Devin Vassell, and Keldon Johnson
Zach Collins, Devin Vassell, and Keldon Johnson / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports
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1.) Vassell, Johnson, Sochan, Wembanyama, and Collins.

The Spurs have dabbled with going without a point guard in the preseason, and they should continue that trend during the regular season. Playing Vassell, Johnson, Sochan, Wembanyama, and Collins together would give San Antonio a distinct lineup that could be hard to guard. Without a traditional playmaker, the Spurs would rely on Vassell, Johnson, and Sochan to bring the ball to court, allowing them to grab and go.

That should allow them to push the tempo to try and get easy shots, and Wembanyama has shown a tendency to leak out when playing on the perimeter on defense, creating the potential for breakaway dunks. In the half-court, with no traditional point guard, the Spurs may actually be tougher to guard without one player dominating the ball.

This particular lineup has at least four shooters, five if Sochan makes strides on that end, and that would give this unit both plenty of spacing and size. If Wembanyama is doubled in the post, then a shooter would be left open. In fact, he'll likely draw plenty of defensive attention even without the ball. The Spurs can take advantage by using Collins to set screens and pop out behind the arc while Vassell and Johnson attack the paint.

With Wembanyama hanging out on the other side of the paint, his defender would have to choose between cutting off a drive or staying home to prevent a shuffle pass to Wemby. Even if the opposing center does come over to contest, Wembanyama can either finish off a lob or grab the offensive rebound and get an easy bucket.

Playing big with three players at least 6'9 should also give the team an advantage on the offensive glass, helping them to scrounge up extra possessions. It would help ensure that they have an efficient offense even without a point guard on the floor and keep opponents from getting out in transition.

On defense, that size and length would come in handy and could help the Spurs block shots or force turnovers. The two-way potential for this unit is definitely there and it is the most creative lineup that Pop should try this season.