3 All-Stars the Spurs could end up trading for this season

Gregg Popovich
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1.) Karl-Anthony Towns

If San Antonio decides against trading for Rudy Gobert, they may instead consider trading for his teammate and fellow all-star Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns is several years younger and a much better offensive player than Gobert, and he is under contract for the next five seasons.

Those are all potential benefits of acquiring Towns, though he is a poor defender and has been criticized for not showing up in the playoffs. Additionally, while his contract means that he won't hit free agency for several years, he will almost certainly be overpaid.

With him scheduled to make at least $49 million a year after this season for four straight seasons, that could eventually hamper the Spurs' ability to build around Wembanyama. That is, if he doesn't pan out in San Antonio, though he could. In theory, Wembanyama could cover for Towns on defense while providing the spacing that Gobert failed to provide.

Offensively, Towns could knock down open threes and score effectively in the post, providing the Spurs with a skilled offensive option. As far as a potential trade package goes, the Spurs could offer McDermott, Keldon Johnson, Charlotte's 2024 first, and Chicago's 2025 first for Towns. That move isn't without risk, though, and San Antonio could gamble on Town's talent.