3 All-Stars the Spurs could end up trading for this season

Gregg Popovich
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3.) Chris Paul

Legend Chris Paul will start this season with the Golden State Warriors but may not end the season there. Paul was acquired partly because they wanted to get off Jordan Poole's ugly contract, and after doing so, they could use Paul and his $30 million contract to further update their roster. While Paul may help Golden State, he is also an odd fit, and they may be open to moving him if the right deal for him comes along.

San Antonio trading Doug McDermott, Tre Jones, and a first-round pick for Paul might make sense. While Paul may or may not play beyond this season, he could still prove to be an invaluable veteran addition and help the Spurs address a position of need at point guard.

Paul not only has a track record of helping young teams get dramatically better in a short amount of time, but he also takes young players under his wing and helps them reach their full potential. His playmaking ability would also be a terrific fit playing with Wembanyama.

Moving on from Jones was likely to happen sooner than later since the Spurs will have the means to find a long-term replacement at point guard next summer. While the Spurs are unlikely to re-sign McDermott after this season, making both potentially expendable players the Warriors might be interested in, especially if Paul isn't working out there.