21 Reasons for Spurs Fans to be thankful despite rough year

San Antonio Spurs Derrick White, Dejounte Murray
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San Antonio Spurs
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6. Devin Vassell is going to be a stud.

The arrival of Devin Vassell has been one of the biggest bright spots of the season for the Spurs. He already showed he was special in his rookie season, but his follow-up campaign is showing he could eventually be the best player on the team before too long.

Vassell's improving offense is catching up to his already stellar defense by the day, and it's only a matter of time before he solidifies himself as a starter in San Antonio.

7. The Spurs are investing millions into staying in San Antonio.

Despite a very small group of supposed fans believing three seasons of losing is enough to send the Spurs to Las Vegas, the truth is the organization is more invested than ever in remaining in San Antonio.

In August 2021, Spurs Sports and Entertainment revealed plans to build "a new nearly 50-acre development that includes a state-of-the-art training facility for the San Antonio Spurs, medical and research offices, retail, park and community space."

Take that, Vegas.

8. The Spurs are back to being drama-free.

While it'll always be a sore subject, the Kawhi Leonard drama is far back in the rearview of San Antonio by now. Since his departure, the Spurs themselves have stayed relatively drama-free (although the same can't be said about their fans).

Meanwhile, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers are holding each other hostage, Marcus Smart is calling out his Boston teammates, Kyrie Irving is jeopardizing Brooklyn's chances at a title, and multiple front offices are being investigated. No thanks.

9. The Spurs are one of a few teams in great offseason shape.

Several teams had cap space and financial flexibility to get their guys last summer, but that will be far from the case this summer.

Only a handful of teams are projected to have cap space this summer, with San Antonio among them. If the Spurs end up declining to extend Lonnie Walker, they could even have money beyond a max contract to go throw at guys like Deandre Ayton.

10. Ball movement is back and here to stay.

Last season, the San Antonio Spurs averaged 24.2 assists per game, which had them at 16th in the NBA. They were 13th the season before that and 16th three seasons ago. Through 16 games, the Spurs have brought back at least a semblance of the beautiful game Spurs with their ability to share the ball.

The Spurs are averaging 27.8 assists per game -- the second-most in the league. They've been at or near the top of the NBA all season so far, and that probably will remain the case. Without no go-to stars, San Antonio has to rely on a group effort each night, and that means moving the ball to find the best shot available.

While the best shots aren't falling, it's still good practice to have as the Spurs continue to rebuild and re-tool.