2025's class of free agents could be major factor for Spurs 2024 decisions

With a more talented free agent class in 2025, waiting to sign free agents could be the smarter move for the San Antonio Spurs.
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Wembanyama will likely remain a center for most of his career. However, with his insane versatility, you can never rule out the possibility of him playing power forward at times. Knowing this, the Spurs could entertain the idea of signing a center next summer.

1) Myles Turner

Myles Turner was another name that swirled around San Antonio years ago. Turner, nearing 30, is still one of the better defenders in the league. He is a pest in the post, always looking for a big block, and would be a great defensive counterpart to Wembanyama.

The two players could be the second coming of the "Twin Towers" in San Antonio, taking their team-defensive efficiency to the next level. On offense, Turner has also flourished into a stretch-5 type of center, being able to score away from the basket. Those two attributes alone prove the importance of a signing like this.

2) Ivica Zubac

High-efficiency at the rim, solid in the pick-and-roll, and great mobility explain center Ivica Zubac. He is not the most athletic but does the little things that a true center should, being extremely reliable over his career. Zubac is not high-maintenance; he simply does his work and moves on. The perfect San Antonio kind of player.

3) Moritz Wagner

Moritz Wagner would add to the list of good-shooting big men who have worn silver and black; having a big man who can shoot the ball well is a great asset to any team. Wagner also has good handles, runs well in transition, and does damage at the rim. He could be less expensive than most players on this list but prove to have the best value.

Nobody likes waiting for things. Although, for a team with so much potential, the rush to prominence is not necessary. They say, "Great things come to those who wait," for a reason.