2024 NBA Mock Draft 5.0: Spurs find point guard, Raptors keep lottery selection

Nailing the 2024 NBA Draft is a must for the Spurs to upgrade around Victor Wembanyama.
2024 NBA Draft, Zaccharie Risacher
2024 NBA Draft, Zaccharie Risacher / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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11. Chicago Bulls draft Ron Holland

Holland was the number one player on most draft boards entering the season, but a disastrous year with the G League Ignite sunk his stock. He averaged 20.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 2.5 steals in 33.6 minutes per game. Holland was tasked as the primary creator on a team that desperately needed a pure point guard.

There is still a ton to be excited about in the 18-year-old’s game. He is 6’8 and works hard on the floor. There will be mistakes and question marks about his game, but finding a natural scorer with size and defensive potential is not easy. The Bulls may get the steal of the draft if Holland falls this far.

He shot just 24.0 percent from 3-point range this season on 50 attempts in 14 games. The teenager is not afraid to fire, but his lack of spacing could negatively impact his team. Holland must work on his jumper and round out his game if he wants to reach his ceiling.

The Chicago Bulls will likely try to trade Zach LaVine this summer and may move off of Lonzo Ball’s contract. Coby White has broken out, but they need a jolt to get back into contention. Adding a 6’8 wing with Holland's potential should help, especially for a team with just two players taller than the teenager on their roster.