2024 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Spurs get 2 game-changers, Wizards land potential star at 1

The 2024 NBA Draft is crucial for the Spurs in upgrading their talent around Victor Wembanyama.
2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic
2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic / ALTAN GOCHER/GettyImages
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7. San Antonio Spurs (via Raptors) draft Reed Sheppard

The Spurs were quick to nab Nikola Topic with the third overall pick in this mock draft. He projects as a lead ball-handler, but one with the size to play next to another guard. San Antonio needs playmakers to enhance Victor Wembanyama, so do not be surprised to see them select two guards in the top ten of this draft.

Sheppard has skyrocketed up draft boards, despite coming off the bench for Kentucky. He is averaging 12.8 points, 4.5 assists, 4.3 rebounds, and 2.5 steals in 28.9 minutes per game as a 19-year-old freshman. Sheppard is shooting 54.3 percent from the field and 52.5 percent on his 141 3-point attempts. Those are not typos. He just hasn’t missed.

Reed Sheppard has been one of the most productive players in the NCAA this season and could lead Kentucky on a deep run in March Madness. Some scouts question his NBA fit. The 6’3 guard is a bit undersized and does not have a massive wingspan. His high IQ and skill should make him a high pick, but does his stock drop a bit based on lack of comps?

The San Antonio Spurs draft talent. Reed Sheppard has an abundance of it, which makes this the perfect fit.