2024 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Spurs get 2 game-changers, Wizards land potential star at 1

The 2024 NBA Draft is crucial for the Spurs in upgrading their talent around Victor Wembanyama.
2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic
2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic / ALTAN GOCHER/GettyImages
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2. Detroit Pistons draft Zaccharie Risacher

Risarcher makes it two straight French prospects taken at the top of the 2024 NBA Draft. The 6’8 wing has vaulted up draft boards this season by locking in his jumper. He has made 43.8 percent of his 144 3-point attempts after shooting just 32.0 percent in his previous three professional seasons combined. Being an elite shooter takes Risacher’s game to another level.

He is in the running to go number one overall, and it is easy to see why. Finding a 6’8 wing with ball-handling ability and defensive versatility is never easy. Not to mention being 18 years old and displaying elite shooting against men in the French league and EuroCup.

Zaccharie Risacher may never become a superstar, but he feels like someone who plays 15 years in the NBA and is a quality rotation player. The teenager has room to grow and could blossom further. His high floor coupled with his immense ceiling makes him a no-brainer top selection in a class filled with uncertainty and questions.

The Detroit Pistons have their backcourt of the present and future in Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey. If Jalen Duren is locked in as their center, the franchise needs wings with versatility and shot-making chops. Risacher would be a fantastic fit in the Motor City.