2024 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Spurs get 2 game-changers, Wizards land potential star at 1

The 2024 NBA Draft is crucial for the Spurs in upgrading their talent around Victor Wembanyama.

2024 NBA Draft, Nikola Topic
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19. Atlanta Hawks (via Kings) choose Kevin McCullar Jr.

The 6’7 wing took a massive step forward in his fifth NCAA season. He spent three years at Texas Tech before transferring to Kansas. McCullar Jr. took advantage of the COVID season to stay in the NCAA for one more year, and it boosted his stock. The 23-year-old is averaging 18.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, 4.1 assists, and 1.5 steals in 34.2 minutes per game.

He has dealt with a bone bruise in his knee that forced him to miss multiple weeks and slowed his production. McCullar is expected to be on the floor in the NCAA Tournament and a strong showing could solidify him as a first-round pick.

He is just a 30.9 percent 3-point shooter during his college career. The jumper improved this season, but recent struggles have knocked him back to 33.3 percent. Scouts are excited about his defense, but his shooting must improve to reach his ceiling.

The Atlanta Hawks took Tidjane Salaun at tenth overall in this mock. Kevin McCullar gives them a wing with plus size and defensive upside. It is precisely what Atlanta needs around Trae Young. Kevin McCullar Jr. could be impactful, but the Hawks would have to help him improve his shooting.