2024 NBA Mock Draft: Spurs double their luck, Wizards get their next star at 1

The Spurs get two picks in the top 7 in this way-too-early mock draft.
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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8. Orlando Magic take Ja'Kobe Walter

This is where there will be a lot of movement in this draft. The top seven seem pretty locked in with room to move around, but will all likely be lottery selections if they enter this class. After that group, the talent could end up being in the lottery or outside the first round.

Walter is a talented 6’5 wing whose stock is all over the board. Some have him in the top five and others outside the lottery. The 18-year-old profiles as a strong shooter and defender who can handle the ball, pull up in the mid-range, and make plays. The level at which he can do those things will determine where he is selected.

Baylor is ranked in the preseason top 20 and has plenty of marquee games on their schedule. Can Walter transform into an elite shooter and scorer who can initiate the offense? The potential is there and it is the teenager’s path to being a top-five pick.

The Orlando Magic are loaded with young talent and should take the best player available. In this case, it is Ja’Kobe Walter. He improves their perimeter defense and floor spacing as the Magic look to jump back into contention.