2024 NBA Mock Draft: Spurs double their luck, Wizards get their next star at 1

The Spurs get two picks in the top 7 in this way-too-early mock draft.
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The rest of the first round

There is plenty of talent outside the 2024 NBA Draft lottery, but there will be a ton of movement over the next eight months. Here is a list of the remaining first-round picks and a way too early-look at who would select if the draft happened today.

15. Chicago Bulls grab D.J. Wagner

16. Atlanta Hawks select Tidjane Salaun

17. New York Knicks draft Aday Mara

18. Oklahoma City Thunder take Cody Williams

19. Indiana Pacers (via LA Clippers) snag Ryan Dunn

20. Cleveland Cavaliers select Terrance Arceneaux

21. Atlanta Hawks (via Sacramento Kings) draft Bobi Klintman

22. Miami Heat take Elmarko Jackson

23. Portland Trail Blazers (via Golden State Warriors) select Dillon Mitchell

24. Philadelphia 76ers snag Baba Miller

25. New Orleans Pelicans (via Los Angeles Lakers) draft Freddie Dilione

26. Memphis Grizzlies select AJ Johnson

27. Boston Celtics draft Juan Nunez

28. Phoenix Suns grab Nikola Topic

29. Milwaukee Bucks snag Mackenzie Mgbako

30. Denver Nuggets take Riley Kugel

The San Antonio Spurs will be a team to watch during the 2024 offseason. Victor Wembanyama is unique and will be ready to lead his team to the playoffs in year two. The Spurs need to put more talent around him. San Antonio may pull off a blockbuster trade and could have two top-ten selections to add to their talent pool. It will all revolve around Wemby, and fans should expect the Spurs to be in the hunt in 2025, if not sooner.