2024 NBA Mock Draft: Spurs double their luck, Wizards get their next star at 1

The Spurs get two picks in the top 7 in this way-too-early mock draft.

2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland
2024 NBA Draft, Ron Holland / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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13. Minnesota Timberwolves take Jared McCain

Could Duke get a third lottery selection in 2024? McCain is a freshman who will battle for playing time, but the 6’3 guard is a bucket with deep 3-point range. He is a TikTok sensation (subscription required) away from the court, but a legitimate five-star recruit with the potential to be selected in the lottery.

McCain has to prove he can run an offense, consistently knock down jumpers, create shots, and just be a difference-maker on the floor. He is a freshman but will turn 20 before draft night. Teams will want to see growth in his game immediately if he is to become a top-14 selection.

The Minnesota Timberwolves need a point guard behind Mike Conley. The 36-year-old former All-Star is already starting to decline, and the Wolves have a superstar in Anthony Edwards. They figure to be in contention as long as Ant Man stays in Minnesota, so getting him a point guard who can run the offense and be a difference-maker is key.

Jared McCain has a ton to prove, but the opportunities will be there. NBA teams will be watching closely. He is already a brand, which will help his stock. Can McCain prove he can be impactful on the court? That is his key to being selected in the first round in June.