2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Spurs solve PG woes, Pistons go upside at 1

The Spurs use both of their top ten picks to get playmaking guards in this mock draft.
2024 NBA Mock Draft, Alex Sarr
2024 NBA Mock Draft, Alex Sarr / Paul Kane/GettyImages
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28. Milwaukee Bucks select Baba Miller

The Bucks love size and potential. Miller has shown plenty of flashes but struggles on the offensive end. Getting a 6’11 big man with the potential to defend on the perimeter is intriguing, but only if he offers something on the other end. If Miller consistently knocks down shots, he will vault up draft boards.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves choose Kylan Boswell

The Timberwolves need a point guard, especially with Mike Conley aging. Boswell is having a breakout sophomore season. His shooting, playmaking, and overall efficiency have improved.

Can the 6’2 guard consistently get buckets in the NBA? It is worth a shot in the late first round. Minnesota gets years of time control to help him develop. Boswell may never be more than a backup point guard, but finding a steady option isn’t easy.

30. Boston Celtics take D.J. Wagner

The 6’3 guard was drawing lottery consideration in the preseason. It has been a slow start at Kentucky, but scouts won’t forget his top-ten ranking coming out of high school. Wagner is known as a bucket-getter, and the Celtics would love a bench scorer to add to their core.

The 2024 NBA Draft will be a franchise-altering event for multiple teams. There will be multiple All-Stars in this class, despite the uncertainty. The San Antonio Spurs need to nail their picks if they want to build a contender around Victor Wembanyama, so stay tuned.