2024 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Spurs solve PG woes, Pistons go upside at 1

The Spurs use both of their top ten picks to get playmaking guards in this mock draft.
2024 NBA Mock Draft, Alex Sarr
2024 NBA Mock Draft, Alex Sarr / Paul Kane/GettyImages
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2. San Antonio Spurs take Isaiah Collier

Collier is the best point guard in this class and is in the running to go first overall. The 6’5 teenager has an NBA-ready body, which he uses to finish inside. He is number one on some draft boards, but there have been a few red flags in his first 11 games at USC.

The Trojans are just 6-5 with a few head-scratching losses. Collier averages 16.1 points, 4.3 assists, 2.9 rebounds, and 1.4 steals in 29.2 minutes per game, but has committed 45 turnovers and made just ten of his 33 3-point attempts. The teenager cannot turn the ball over four times per game in the NBA, and teams will not respect his jumper if he is shooting 30 percent while making fewer than one 3-pointer each night.

It is a small sample, but there were questions about his shooting and ability to run an offense coming into the year. Collier’s scoring, finishing inside, and transition game have been impressive, but is that enough to make him a top pick?

The San Antonio Spurs hope to get Isaiah Collier to pair with Victor Wembanyama. The young duo will need time to blossom but could become elite. Wemby will take some pressure off the 6’5 guard and should help him reach his ceiling. This is a no-brainer selection for Gregg Popovich and the Spurs at two, especially if Collier cleans up his play.