2023 Ultimate Wish List Ranking for San Antonio Spurs Fans

Zach LaVine, Donovan Mitchell
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San Antonio Spurs
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5/4. Josh Primo grows to 6'8" (Tie - 48 points)

My ranking: 4th
Fan ranking: 4th

We were all over the board with this one. I had Josh Primo growing to 6-8 as my 4th-best option from the list. Others on the staff had this as high as their 3rd-best option while others had it as low as 7th and 8th. Ultimately, a big growth spurt for Primo landed at 5th among the staff and 4th among fans.

We've all seen flashes of Primo's two-way abilities in year one, which includes some impressive defense and an aptitude for blocking shots at 6-6. Can you imagine if he grows to Kawhi Leonard's height or taller? He's only 19 and seems to have a frame that's still being filled out, so it's very possible.

Odds of happening: Given how Primo looks taller pretty much every time we see him, this is probably the most likely thing to happen out of all 10 of these options.

San Antonio Spurs
Gregg Popovich, Zach LaVine / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

3. The Spurs sign Zach LaVine (59 points)

My ranking: 3rd
Fan ranking: 3rd

Unsurprisingly, our staff and fans alike are fans of the Spurs pursuing Zach LaVine this offseason. And why shouldn't we be? He's a two-time NBA All-Star shooting nearly 39% from beyond the arc over his career.

Over the last four seasons, LaVine has averaged 25.2 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game and is shooting 83.4% from the free throw line. San Antonio doesn't have anybody putting up that kind of offensive production quite yet, and we all know Dejounte Murray and LaVine would absolutely love playing with one another. Jonah also had this option at 3rd on his list and had this to say:

"In my mind, he is the best free agent on the market and would instantly give the Spurs the best backcourt in the league. Murray would still be the primary ball-handler, but I wouldn’t expect LaVine’s scoring numbers to drop at all."

Odds of happening: Prepare for some rumblings if the Chicago Bulls stumble in round one against Milwaukee, particularly with the LaVine-Murray Washington connection. As it stands though, I think Zach is happy in Chicago unless reports start to suggest otherwise.