2023 Ultimate Wish List Ranking for San Antonio Spurs Fans

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San Antonio Spurs
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The Air Alamo team weighs in

Alright, now it's time to hear from some guys that have been covering this team for months or years. I felt this was a good way to see how we relate to everyday fans. I surveyed seven staff writers and gave my own list to form our own subset of rankings. The participants involved were Cal Durrett, Ethan Farina, Dylan Carter, Will Eudy, Nicholas Yarbro, Jonah Kubicek, Roberto Araiza, and me.

Jonah Kubicek went the extra step to give some insight as to why he voted how he did, so I'll be including some of his commentary along with mine as we go.

With a total point value of 440 available, let's dive into the results of our rankings, going from the least desirable event to the most.

San Antonio Spurs
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10. The Spurs trade for Damian Lillard (16 points)

My ranking: 10th
Fan ranking: 10th

Both the Air Alamo staff and fans made it clear they want nothing to do with a trade for Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard this season. I think we can all agree he's an outstanding talent, but it would take way too much of a sacrifice in both talent and money to get him to San Antonio.

"I love Lillard, but the Spurs would almost undoubtedly have to trade Dejounte plus a million picks, and I don’t wanna do that," said writer Dylan Carter. "Yes, Dame is one of the best point guards in the league, but so is Dejounte Murray, and I don't think the two of them would be a productive tandem in the starting five," added Jonah Kubicek.

Odds of happening: Probably only slightly higher than me making the NBA.

San Antonio Spurs
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9. The Spurs trade for Bradley Beal (26 points)

My ranking: 9th
Fan ranking: 8th

The first divergence between staff and fans already happens at number nine. While the fans voted Quin Snyder becoming the Spurs' next head coach in this spot, we have them trading for Bradley Beal second-to-last.

We were a bit varied on this one as a team, as he received vote counts of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 from our panel. Personally, I had him at 9th for similar reasons to the Lillard option. Jonah, who had trading for Beal in his 6-point slot, was more open to the idea:

"I actually think Beal and Murray could work as a backcourt. I would prefer LaVine, as he is simply the better player, but adding a high volume scorer who has been the secondary ball-handler (remember John Wall?) is almost always a good thing.

His defense isn’t the best ever, but he also isn’t a complete liability. He could have a better outside shot, but if Devin Vassell and Keldon Johnson continue to grow then the Spurs will have enough shooting to compensate."

Odds of happening: Bradley Beal has spoken about the possibility of a departure from the Wizards before, but I really can't see the Spurs being the team clamoring for him based on their needs.