2023 Ultimate Wish List Ranking for San Antonio Spurs Fans

Zach LaVine, Donovan Mitchell
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Spurs fans submit their wish lists

I received dozens of responses to my wish list rankings tweet. Besides the several replies that didn't follow the instructions, there were simply just too many to include everyone in my data from fans. To still get this done in a reliable way, I randomly selected 20 correctly-executed lists and input their responses into a spreadsheet.

Since the idea was to assign the most points to the most desirable offseason event, the one with the most votes is the top selection by fans while the one with the least is the bottom. Here's how it all turned out with the 20 voters:

1. Spurs win the #1 pick - 181
2. Spurs sign Deandre Ayton - 145
3. Spurs sign Zach LaVine - 137
4. Josh Primo grows to 6'8" - 119
5. The Spurs trade up in the 2022 Draft and select 9th, 11th, and 38th - 116
6. The Spurs trade for Donovan Mitchell - 91
7. The Spurs sign Miles Bridges - 79
8. The Spurs sign Bradley Beal - 75
9. Quin Snyder becomes head coach of the Spurs - 51
10. The Spurs trade for Damian Lillard - 51

As you can see, getting first in the NBA Draft is easily the thing fans want to see happen the most. That choice received a whopping 16 first-place votes. At 160 points with those alone, that was already enough for first place.

Rounding out the top five were hopes that the Spurs can sign Deandre Ayton away from Phoenix or Zach LaVine away from Chicago, followed by Josh Primo growing to 6-foot-8 and San Antonio trading up in June's draft.

The bottom three went about as I expected given what other ramifications could result from them happening. I'll jump more into specifics in the next slide, but it's safe to say fans aren't ready to get careless with assets or their money in the pursuit of someone like Bridges, Beal, or Lillard.

Next, I'll take a look at how our Air Alamo panel of eight ranked these 10 options, compare them to fan results, and explain why I think everything fell where it did.