20 Ways Victor Wembanyama would change the Spurs forever

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17: Trash Talk Reactivated

One of the most fun parts about sports is the back-and-forth with fans of other teams. When you're losing, you feel less inclined to throw your hat in the ring for trash talk. It would be nice to get back to feeling like you can puff your chest out and talk some smack as a Spurs fan.

18: Championship Stacking

The Spurs are fifth in NBA history with five championships. The Chicago Bulls are fourth on the list with six championships. Time and time again, we have seen you need elite talent on your roster to win the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Wembanyama could be the missing piece to help steer San Antonio in the right direction to tie and eventually leapfrog the Bulls on the all-time title list.

19: Division Supremacy

The Spurs have won the Southwest Division nine times since 2004, which is the most of all the teams they compete with on a near-nightly basis. A return to division dominance could be on the horizon if San Antonio gets their guy in Wembanyama.

20: Another Potential Hall of Famer

There is no doubt Victor Wembanyama possesses all the tools necessary to reach superstardom. With the proper career management, drive, and success, the Spurs could add another Hall of Famer to their historic franchise. Guys like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, David Robinson, and George Gervin, among others, aren't bad company.

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