20 Ways Victor Wembanyama would change the Spurs forever

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9: Culture Reinforcing

After the dramatic departure of Kawhi Leonard and the ludicrous things former Spurs Stephen Jackson and Dejounte Murray said about the franchise, some people have questioned the stability of the culture in San Antonio. Winning can help answer some of those questions, and Wembanyama can help the Spurs become a well-oiled machine.

10: Coaching Prospects

There has been speculation about when Gregg Popovich will retire for several years, But whenever Coach Pop calls it quits, the Spurs should have no trouble finding a top tier coach who wants to lead a team boasting a generational talent like Victor Wembanyama.

11: Roster Maturation

The NBA is unique in that a single player can directly impact the outcome of a game. Those players can ensure their team is in the game as time wanes. Teams can only improve their performance in high-leverage situations by taking part in them, and Wembanyama should give the Spurs a chance to compete in crunch time.

12: Free Agent Destination

Boris Diaw once discussed his relationship with Tony Parker playing a part in joining the Spurs, but San Antonio has never been the most attractive free-agent destination. Sometimes you just need the right guys at the right time. Wemby has the potential to help lure free agents that want to play with a player as talented as he is.