2 things for Spurs fans to root for, one to root against to close the season

The NBA season may be ending but there are still things going on that San Antonio Spurs fans should pay close attention to.
Victor Wembanyama
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1. Root against the Rockets success

Generally, you want to save your energy for more positive things but when it comes to rivals, it is common practice to activate your best hater side. Of course, you do not want players injured but virtually any other struggles are strongly encouraged.

The Houston Rockets were 22-60 last season. Despite what their fans may try to tell you on social media, they were in the same position as San Antonio last year, hoping the draft lottery would result in the right to draft Victor Wembanyama. When he pumped his fist to celebrate the Rockets' inability to ruin his life, they took it personally and have been insufferable in certain online circles ever since.

That's okay. An excuse to reignite what was a semi-dormant rivalry between two teams that haven't had much to play for in years is okay with Spurs fans. What would not be okay would be for the Rockets to make the playoffs so quickly. That would qualify as a successful first season for Ime Udoka in his first year as Houston's coach and while San Antonio fans usually have an affinity for former Silver and Black players, that grace is not afforded when you wear enemy colors.