2 things for Spurs fans to root for, one to root against to close the season

The NBA season may be ending but there are still things going on that San Antonio Spurs fans should pay close attention to.
Victor Wembanyama
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2. Root for less Wembanyama minutes

It's odd to be in a place where the most exciting prospect you have watched in decades is better off sitting than playing but you have arrived at your destination. Just two months ago, fans were screaming at their flat screens for Coach Popovich to lift the minutes restriction on Victor Wembanyama that led to an average of 28 minutes per outing.

The outrage was understandable after a while. Vic looked fine. He consistently lobbied to play more minutes but the coaching staff, paired with the medical team, were insistent on being cautious. That decision feels inconsequential at this point, as it's clear that the Spurs were never going to be a very good team this year. There were just too many new variables.

It would have been advantageous for everyone to play as many minutes as possible to continue to build the chemistry they'll need in future seasons but that's no longer a possibility. Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan have been sidelined for the remaining schedule so any chemistry-building would be a misrepresentation of how games would flow once they return. As a result, the Spurs should reduce Wembanyama's minutes to ensure a healthy start to the summer.