2 pros, 2 cons to the Spurs potentially pursuing a trade for Tyus Jones

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies
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Con: Defensive Impact

Having a smaller stature also means offering a somewhat negligible defensive impact. Tyus disrupts smaller guards as a point-of-attack defender in the pick-and-roll, but he has little versatility since he is a mismatch target when switching onto any other position. Jones was reliable in small-ball lineups next to Ja Morant, but part of the reason Memphis traded for Marcus Smart is because he can share the floor with their superstar in crunch time without worrying about potential liabilities.

Though Wembanyama could be a once-in-a-lifetime rim-protecting anchor that makes life easier for everyone else, the Spurs should look to take pressure off his shoulders in year one. Tyus can get the generational teenager the ball in his spots as his main setup man, and his effort will go a long way on the other end. But does San Antonio need to chase after an undersized defender after recording the worst defensive rating in NBA history last season? Tyus is worth a look at the right price.

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