2 pros, 2 cons to the Spurs potentially pursuing a trade for Tyus Jones

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies
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Con: Lack of Rim Pressure

For all their similarities, Tre Jones undoubtedly has the upperhand on his older brother when it comes to measurables. He is taller, longer, and faster than Tyus, traits that allows him to burst past defenders and force teams into rotation. Though both point guards drained roughly 59% of their shots at the rim last season, Tre had 187 more attempts in the restricted area despite playing about the same amount of minutes. And this desecrpancy doesn't factor in the cramped court he had to work with.

Tyus has a decent first step, but at 6-foot-1 with a slight build and minimal vertical explosion, he has a tough time rounding the corner on drives and finishing versus rim protectors. Because of his physical limitations, the ninth-year facilitator often resorts to tossing up floaters from just inside the free throw line. Relying on runners isn't necessarily a problem when you make them at a league-average clip, but they comprise 31.4% of your nightly shot diet, it impacts how opponents scheme for you.

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