2 obvious and 1 subtle thing Devin Vassell must do to become an all-star

The All-Star Game again won't have a San Antonio Spurs representative, but not for long, with Victor Wembanyama and perhaps Devin Vassell becoming future all-stars.

Devin Vassell
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Obvious thing: Improve court vision

Arguably Vassell's biggest weakness is his lack of playmaking or court vision. Often, he can get tunnel vision on offense and miss passes to teammates for easier baskets while he fires away.
In his defense, he has gotten better as a playmaker as the season has worn on, but he is still shooting first most of the time.

That can lead to plenty of possessions where Wembanyama doesn't touch the ball. However, having Vassell look for his shot can be a good thing since he can get hot and draw the defense's attention away from Wembanyama.

Then again, for the pairing to work, he will have to do a better job of consistently finding Wembanyama when he rim runs or flares out after setting a screen. To be fair, some of that may be on Victor, who often doesn't set hard screens. Doing so would force a switch or even a trap and make it easier for him to find Wemby for an open jumper or either a post-up or a lob.

The potential for this pairing to work is there, and they can help each other get easier shots, but that chemistry can take time. As the Spurs enter the final third of the season, it will be something fans should keep an eye on.