1st All-Star voting returns prove recent narrative dead wrong

With the 1st All-Star voting returns released, we'll tell you why the results paint the picture San Antonio Spurs fans have been trying to explain for weeks.

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The returns for All-Star voting have been released, and Victor Wembanyama is ahead of Chet Holmgren. San Antonio Spurs fans have been adamant that Wemby has been the more impressive performer over his OKC counterpart, Chet, all season and these results bolster that argument.

The difference between the two is 34,638 votes, meaning it's somewhat close, but nobody worth their salt has ever said Holmgren wasn't having a great season. The kid is a hooper and he'll have a great career as long as he stays healthy and maintains his drive to be great. The controversy comes in when you say he's been more impressive than The Alien. That can not abide.

The numbers don't lie when Wembanyama's game speaks

Wembanyama's 221,220 total votes put him ahead of 12 other players listed on the fan returns, including former Spur Demar DeRozan and reigning Rookie of the Year Paolo Banchero. He ended his teenage years with 91 blocked shots and he did it in 29 games. That is not normal and should not be understated or underappreciated.

There is no need to re-hash the obvious differences in their team dynamics. (Though you'll notice Holmgren is not the only OKC player receiving a high number of votes while Victor is the lone San Antonio representative, I digress) Just pay attention to the number of times the word historic has been used since Wemby began playing basketball for San Antonio. Then, listen to how many times it will continue to be used.

There is still a lot of voting to be done, with future updates set for January 11 and 18. If Wembanyama were to make the All-Star Team it would likely be as a reserve. The reserve player announcement is currently set for February 1.