13 people who turned their backs on the San Antonio Spurs

Revisiting the history of the San Antonio Spurs' long line of people who disrespected or turned their back on the franchise.
Kawhi Leonard
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2. Stephen Jackson

Anytime Stephen Jackson's name is uttered in San Antonio circles, a tortilla is burned. His constant bashing of Coach Pop and the Spurs organization is the most unhinged dribble escaping the lips of a former player. You could write a book with the amount of things Jackson has said about the Spurs.

He has criticized the coach, the culture, the players, and anything else you can think of. This is the man who said he was a better play than Manu Ginobili, a first-ballot hall-of-famer. He felt he should have been getting more minutes than Manu in a playoff game. The notion is laughable.

He has expressed knowledge of Pop's desire for players to be selfless but lacks the ability to grasp what that means, as he demonstrates time after time why it didn't work during his second stint with the team every time he opens his mouth to talk about the Spurs.

1. Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard was the prodigal son. Seen as the heir apparent to Tim Duncan because of a similarly stoic demeanor and commitment to winning basketball, Leonard's deeds were by far the worst. He set the organization back a decade, and although the result is the acquisition of Victor Wembanyama, the losing seasons that have plagued this team the past few years have sullied the Spurs' ability to be consistent winners, something they have enjoyed for a very long time.

If you pay attention to the fans, they are not moving past that transgression either. So much so that Pop felt compelled to grab a microphone midgame to ask the crowd to stop booing Leonard every time he touched the ball. That plea fell on deaf ears, and the jeering continued. It will likely always continue, and Leonard has nobody to blame but himself. San Antonio tried to give him the keys to the kingdom, and he spit in their faces. There's no coming back from that.