13 people who turned their backs on the San Antonio Spurs

Revisiting the history of the San Antonio Spurs' long line of people who disrespected or turned their back on the franchise.

Kawhi Leonard
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4. Dejounte Murray

This one is disappointing because Dejounte Murray had a strong fan base during his tenure with San Antonio. Many fans believed in him, feeling that he had the moxie to lead the team for a long time. When he was traded, the deal was met with mixed emotions. Rumors had been festering that Murray wanted out, and it caught everyone off guard after watching him grow into an All-Star under the tutelage of Coach Pop.

Once the deal was done, fans did what one would expect a fan to do: be emotional. Many took to social media to criticize DJ, and what he should have done was ignore the noise, understanding the fans were just upset about how things worked out. Instead, he trashed the organization, suggesting there were cultural issues that would keep the team from winning again for a long time. Ouch.

Supporters of the Silver and Black are currently still sensitive to what happened with Kawhi Leonard, so at the time of this, fans were still extremely raw. Receiving this treatment from another departing player was harsh and unnecessary.

3. Robert Horry

One of the oddest common occurrences with nicknames is the conversion from Robert to Bob when "Rob" is right there. That is neither here nor there. Robert Horry, also known as Big Shot Bob, was present for two Spurs championships, but that did not stop him from running his mouth.

He ran his mouth while he was a member of the team, criticizing Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili for playing for their home countries. He made claims that Hakeem Olajuwon was 20 times better than Tim Duncan and that he should have won 10 titles. The list goes on. This man averaged less than 7 points per game his entire time with the Spurs. In one season, he averaged 2.5.

Again, credit where it is due for hitting the big shots that he made during some of those playoff games, but a guy who was essentially carried to multiple titles and ended his career with seven should be a little more humble and complain a lot less.