13 people who turned their backs on the San Antonio Spurs

Revisiting the history of the San Antonio Spurs' long line of people who disrespected or turned their back on the franchise.

Kawhi Leonard
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10. Dennis Rodman

One of the most polarizing players in NBA history. Dennis Rodman's stories are not for the weak. This man has some of the craziest escapades fans have ever heard about a player, but he was a special talent nonetheless. The Spurs tried to hone that talent for two seasons despite the challenging personality of the elite rebounder. They failed.

Rodman always had a strained relationship with David Robinson, who tried to befriend Dennis. The Admiral was just trying to be a good teammate and a strong leader, but Rodman had no interest in it. He was eventually traded to the Bulls, and the rest is history, but he wasn't secretive about his strained relationship with Popovich, stating, "He didn't like me."

9. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is another inclusion that deserves a spot on this list just because of the level of disregard this man has for the beautiful city of San Antonio. Barkley does not deserve two paragraphs, so let's leave it like this. His constant disrespect for the city and the people in it is childish and tired. Enough already.