11 Players the Spurs signed past their prime

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers
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5.) Tracy McGrady

Like Dominique Wilkins, Tracy McGrady signed with the Spurs when he was well past the peak of his powers and his time but was fairly inconsequential. But damn if the Spurs faithful didn't embrace T-Mac like a hometown favorite.

McGrady had spent years giving the Spurs fits, he torched San Antonio during his time in Houston. But when he finally signed with the Spurs as part of their playoff run in 2013 I think Spurs fans were just rooting for one of the all-time greats to get a ring with one of the most beloved teams in franchise history before hanging it up.

Even though McGrady wasn't in San Antonio long, you can hear from the man himself how appreciative and impressed he was with the treatment he received during his brief time with the team.

Even though McGrady didn't make much of an impact on the court, Spurs fans can confidently say he'd vouch for the quality of the fanbase and the organization as a result. And having a player that is that well respected in your corner is worth something in my eyes.