11 Players the Spurs signed past their prime

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2.) Rudy Gay

Of all the players the Spurs have signed who were past their primes, Rudy Gay is probably the most beloved. One of the most explosive wings during his prime, Gay had to adapt his role when he came to San Antonio but retained just enough of his burst to delight Spurs fans with a rim-rattling highlight from time to time.

Coming off the bench for the majority of his time in San Antonio, Gay injected scoring and physicality from the wing position that the Spurs desperately needed. He continued to be a three-point threat, shooting almost 37 percent from behind the arc, and playing some of the best defense of his career for a coach who demanded it.

It's important that we don't overlook how much weight Rudy's voice also carried in the locker room. By the time he came to San Antonio, Gay was a seasoned veteran. His on-the-court contributions were important but his mentorship of the younger guys was just as significant.

Of all the players we've covered so far, Rudy is the only one who Spurs fans were legitimately sad to see leave. When he signed with Uath ahead of the 2021 season it wasn't because he was forced out. The Spurs were heading for a rebuild and that's not something that many veterans, Rudy included, typically want to be a part of.

All that said, Rudy did exactly what San Antonio asked for during the four years he spent here. Past his prime or not, we should all look at his tenure with the Spurs as a success.