11 Outside-the-box ideas for how the Spurs can use Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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6: Use Wembanyama as an offensive hub

One of the most exciting aspects of the Spurs being in a position to draft Wembanyama is that it will give the team an offensive centerpiece. That doesn't necessarily mean that he will be as dominant as Robinson or Duncan were as rookies, but he could still have a big offensive impact. The Spurs will have a player with whom they can throw the ball into the post, though teams can't rely as heavily on big men as they once did.

As a result, they could look at the Sacramento Kings and use Wembanyama in a similar fashion to how Domantas Sabonis is used. Sabonis is an offensive hub for the Kings, and they rely on his playmaking on the perimeter and in the high post. Of course, the Spurs used Duncan in much the same way after the NBA changed the rules in the early 2000s, making the game more perimeter-oriented.

Using Wembanyama in direct-handoff situations with players like Vassell, Doug McDermott, and Johnson would enable the Spurs to use him more as a playmaker. Additionally, his height and court vision should allow San Antonio to use him out near the perimeter. He could use cutters for easy baskets, especially with him drawing the opposing center away from the rim. It is definitely an intriguing thought, and the Spurs should look to play around with Wembanyama.

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