11 Outside-the-box ideas for how the Spurs can use Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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7: Limit Wembanyama's three-point attempts

Part of Wembanyama's appeal is that he is a seven-footer and can score in several ways. However, while he has a good-looking jumper, he is shooting just 27.5% on 5.0 threes per game, despite the 3-point line being closer than the NBA's. That probably shouldn't be cause for concern, and while Popovich might give him the green light to continue shooting from outside, he could also discourage it, at least at first.

That might not be the worst thing ever since it would ensure that Wembanyama is taking shots closer to the basket and making the most of his size. Additionally, Popovich is also well known for his ability to draw up plays to get his best players good shots, and he could help Wembanyama get a number of easy looks next season. That just might result in Wembanyama shooting fewer threes until he is fully integrated into the team's offense.

Considering that he is apparently an ambidextrous shooter, it is hard to question his shooting touch, and he is shooting nearly 82.8% on 6.3 free throw attempts per game. That suggests he could be a good shooter, but perhaps he will need time to adjust to the NBA's 3-point line as well as how opposing teams will defend him. It will be interesting to see just how many threes he will shoot as a rookie, and it may depend on how Pop decides to use him.

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