11 Outside-the-box ideas for how the Spurs can use Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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8: Give Wembanyama the green light to shoot from three

Wembanyama will soon join David Robinson and Duncan in the exclusive club of players taken number one overall by the Spurs. Like Robinson and Duncan, Wembanyama is a big man, but his game is much more perimeter-oriented than theirs was, which makes him a perfect fit to play in today's NBA.

The Spurs have developed a reputation for being averse to shooting threes due to Popovich's well-known dislike for the shot type. However, given his potential shooting ability, he could give Wembanyama the greenlight to shoot from outside. Assuming that he plays primarily at center next season, he could give the team the ultimate stretch five.

Obviously, you don't want a 7'3 big man to shoot too much from outside and negate his size, but Popovich has coached two Hall of Fame big men in Robinson and Duncan, in addition to LaMarcus Aldrige, so it seems safe to say that he will prioritize getting Wembanyama enough touches in the post. Be that as it may, his potential as a pick-and-pop and spot-up threat is definitely tantalizing and could eventually do wonders for San Antonio's offense, ensuring that they have plenty of spacing.

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