11 Outside-the-box ideas for how the Spurs can use Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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2: Have Wembanyama shoot off screens

A player as unique as Wembanyama shouldn't be confined to just the post, spotting up, or pick-and-pops; instead, the Spurs should look to be more creative with how they use him in the halfcourt. The Spurs could take a page out of the Orlando Magic's playbook with how they used center Bol Bol. At 7'2, Bol is comparable in height to Wemby, and that didn't stop them from occasionally having him run off of screens to get open.

Therefore, Popovich could try the same with Wembanyama. Centers don't often sprint off of screens to get open, but he is more mobile than most fives. The Spurs may try to utilize that, as well as his potential as a shooter, to get him open shots from outside.

Popovich could also use him in direct handoffs, but as the handee, allowing him to get a full head of steam and use his long strides to get into the paint. With the opposing center chasing after him, there would be no one to stop Wembanyama from finishing at the rim. In theory, it could work out well, and it might be something that the Spurs could try. If it works, it may be a devastating wrinkle that Popovich can throw out to catch teams off guard.

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